Custom Chain

Custom Chain

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We all have a name – that is why you should show off yours. With style and bling, not only do you attract everyone’s attention, but also present yourself as someone who gives a damn about what is truly yours – your identity.

Plating: 24 Karat Triple Ion Bond
Stones: VVS CZ Simulated Stones
Characters Allowed: Letters and Numbers


  1. AJ

    just bought one, sick for its price and it’s a good gift

  2. Ilens Collins

    I need a nice one

  3. David

    Siiiick, it’s not common to find something so awesome that can be made specifically for you. Good stuff dude

  4. Sammy

    Favourite jewellery in the house after getting this. Top purchase!!!

  5. Jello Shot

    My respect went through the roof when I yelled my custom chain out at the club

  6. Darren

    “My favourite gift of all” – best mate who just turned 18 after having given him his custom chain.

  7. Ahmad

    Too icey with my name on it

  8. Ralph

    Ended up using it for one of my shoot. It was actually LIT

  9. Ramon

    I have gotten at least 50 times the value from these!

  10. Dope

    Just got printed “DOPE” and it looks DOPE.

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